Play! by Sephora June 2017

Okay, first Sephora box is here.  Not a box, though!  More on that in a minute.  Items were removed from packaging and a card placed by them for scale as several tiny items had deceptively large packaging.  It seemed like these samples were pretty small, which wasn’t great- how am I supposed to know if I like a product if I can only try it twice?

A benefit of Play! is it comes in a little bag.  I can definitely see myself reusing these- they are smaller than a usual makeup bag and will be great when traveling or throwing a few items in my purse.

Another benefit of Play! is that it comes with a card to use in Sephora stores for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points.  You have to use with by the end of July with a purchase, but if you shop at Sephora a ton, it’s an easy way to rack up points.


Okay.  So.  Play!, like everything else, comes with five items and sometimes, a free ‘scent’.  I got a scent this time as a bonus.  Let’s run down what I got, left to right.

  • Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil.
    • I’m not sure what this is.  The instructions say I am supposed to put 1-3 drops through wet hair or after blowdrying to calm frizz.  What does that even mean?  One drop on my whole head or per strand or… what?  You can also put it on dry skin, daily.
  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick- bold fuschia
    • This went on nicely, but the color… NO.  I am looking for something to use in a professional setting.  Just.  NO.  Dumping it.
  • The POREfessional Face Primer
    • It is so tiny I fear one use will kill it, but I will give it a try.
    • Update:  I used it.  It was fine, but I don’t think a primer I would buy.  
  • Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel
    • Hey there clearly half full sample.  This is supposed to go on my hair before I air dry it.  I will check it out…
    • Update:  This worked really well and didn’t leave my hair feeling crunchy or an odor.  And, even better, no scent.  Wish it had been a full sample…
  • First Aid Beauty:  Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer
    • The name makes me not want to try this, but I will.
    • Update- This was actually a really good primer.  It was very smooth and my foundations seemed to hold well.  I liked it.  There was also a lot in the sample so I  can use it for a while.  
  • Bonus:  Black Opium YvesSaintLaurent perfume
    • Okay, this was a surprise!  I usually HATE perfume.  This one, I actually didn’t mind. Of course it is just a teeny tiny sample but given that I never wear perfume, if I wore it only to special occasions it might last me for years!


Major negative:

There doesn’t seem to be a way to review and rate the samples!  So…. I assume that means there is no way to adjust for feedback.  I took the quiz again and they didn’t ask for color preferences, so how will they know not to give me that horrendous shade of lipstick again?  I’m concerned about this.



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