OPI Nail Polish

Tried out some OPI nail polish lately- what one might call an impulse buy.  In any case, here’s my verdict.


Obviously, I bought a little sample set from the Iceland Collection.  Let’s start with honesty- I am not into dark colors and if I decide to wear nail polish, it’s pink/neutral.  So I wanted to try out the left side.  Obviously I can’t wear the right half in a professional setting.  Still, I tried everything out with varying degrees of success.


  • Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots:  I really loved this color; it had a nice shimmer!.  When I put it on, it could look great.  However, even with several coats it was very light and in some lights looked rather splotchy.  Also, for some reason it chipped very easily.
  • Aurora Berry-Alis:  I liked the color a lot, and it went on nicely.  It also stayed on very well.
  • Less is Norse:  I would say this applied the same as Aurora Berry-Alis, so if you are looking for a dark blue, this is pretty good.
  • Suzi & the Arctic Fox:  This looked very similar to the above, just less of a blue tone.  Not super purplish on, just very dark- and some of the application issues of the first one, but much more noticeable with a dark color.  My least favorite.

Over all:  I would rate it okay.


Ipsy August 2017


Alright- my August Ipsy bag and review!

They had three bag options, none of which I especially cared for (a tassel?) but I am a fan of my products this month!

  • Yadah Silky Fit Concealer BB Power Brightening-  Verdict:  Like!
    • It was a tad light for me for summer, and didn’t conceal anything major, but I liked it a lot for minor blemishes when I didn’t want to put on all my foundation.  It didn’t irritate my skin or make me break out more.  I like it!
  • Pacifica Coconut Blush Duo-  Verdict:  Like!
    • This was pretty good blush.  I like subtle blush and this is perfect!  It’s also huge, so that’s a plus!
  • Air repair Skincare Super-Hydrating Eye Cream- Verdict:  Like!
    • I have only had this a few days, but I like it so far.  Time will tell if it helps a lot, but it doesn’t hurt!
  • theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Kuwakaribisha:  Verdict:  LOVE!
    • This is great!  It stays really well, it is great as a highlighting shade, just overall perfect.  I’ve used it every day.
  • SLMissGlam Blending Brush:  Verdict:  Okay
    • This was fine.  I love brushes, and the color was fun, but I didn’t feel this did a great job blending- I tried it on my eyeshadow.  My normal blending brush does a much better job.   It didn’t really seem soft enough.  I may try it as a crease brush and see how that works.

Overall:  Great!  I feel like Ipsy’s bags have really adapted to my feedback and have some great stuff in them.

On the fence about subscribing to Birchbox?

I stumbled across Birchbox’s promo code yesterday for new subscribers.  Usually, if you sign up for 1 year you get 1 box free ($110).  Right now, if you want to make the leap, head over to https://www.birchbox.com/invite/bc37s  and use the code it gives you – “BESTYEAR99”- and you get a year of boxes for $99.

If you don’t want to do the math, that’s $8.25 a box.  Not a bad deal!  (plus that link gets me some points or something on their website, I think!)

As a recap, here are the boxes I’ve gotten so far:


July- Ipsy



Okay, this month’s Ipsy bag was pretty good.  The bag was again, small but cute.  I like the blob thing on it.  Some of the samples were nice too!

-Beau Gachis Illuminator brush-  Verdict:  Okay

This brush was just okay.  It’s supposed to be good for concealer but I prefer my finger to this brush-  I’ll give it another try sometime though!

-Jersey Shore Cosmetics-  Lip conditioner

I liked this fine.  I can’t say it works great, because I keep forgetting to use it.  It’s been pleasant when I remember.  I’m terrible at remembering to put on lip balm-  I just put on lip gloss.

-Cougar Beauty Products:  24 Hour Liquid Lipstick in Mulberry –  Verdict:  Okay

I liked the color, but the product just didn’t really work for me.  It both didn’t stay well and didn’t remove well- just smeared.  Again, I’m not a fan of liquid lipstick- lipgloss or lipstick, not some combo.  If you are a fan of liquid lipstick you might like it better.

-Ciate Londer Wondewant Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black-  Pass

I don’t use eye liner, so this is pretty worthless to me.

OFRA Cosmetics- Gold Rush Eyeshadow- Verdict:  Love it!

Great color and good staying power.  Not too shimmery.  I use it a lot.

Overall- the bag is okay, but not the best.  I’m not sure it’s worth $10 for some good products and some I don’t care for.  I’m nearing decision time!



July Birchbox


This was a pretty good box, overall.

Let’s start with the bad:

Beautoniq Beauty Blush Serum-  This was not good.  Hard to apply, didn’t apply evenly, hard to remove (stained, really).  Pass.

Oribe Matte Waves-  Verdict:  Okay.

I was excited about this, but I found it didn’t have much effect or hold.  However, it didn’t make my hair stiff.

MAC Primer-  Verdict:  Fine

This is a pretty good primer.  Not my favorite, but not terrible.  I think a few other primers hold better, but this is just fine.  MAC makes good product so it’s not a bad choice but I am not sure it’s the best for my skin.

Juliette Has a Gun:  Anyway perfume-  Verdict:  Good

Not a huge scent person but I did like this one!

Kiehls rare earth deep daily cleanser- Verdict: Good

I liked this.  It didn’t seem to irritate my skin, or dry it out.

July Sephora Play! Review


My July bag came with:

IT Cosmetics mascara

Boscia Charoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-off treatment

Briogeo Leave in Conditioning Spray

bareMinerals Gen Nude Matte in Swag

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

Atelier Cologne

Problem with my July bag-  Some of the items packaging was opened.

Solution- a quick call to Sephora and they refunded my monthly payment.  Much appreciated and super easy!

Because of that, I didn’t try most of the items.  I did try the mascara (it was securely packaged), and the leave in conditioner.

Thoughts:  The conditioner was fine.  It was light; in fact, when I let my hair air dry after putting it in, it seemed to enhance my curls and waves.  Very nice!  I can’t say if it made a difference as to conditioning, but it didn’t hurt.

Mascara-  it (“IT”) was fine.  It went on well enough and I liked it okay.  It didn’t seem to hold as well as other brands.  I will definitely use it up, but I wouldn’t buy it.