Glossier Phase 2 set

Shaking things up a minute from the subscription boxes…

Frankly, a facebook ad caught my eye because I was interested in their brow brush.  It turned out that if I bought a set, I could get lipstick and concealer too, plus free shipping and returns, and I managed to find a 20% off discount.  So okay.  I’m in.

It took a while, but the box arrived.  Now.  Seriously.  Let’s talk about packaging.

A shipping box, with a large box inside, with a large bubble wrap ziplock, with three tiny items.

People.  Come.  On.  I will not order from you again if you insist on destroying the environment with every order.  This entire order could have fit in one tiny bubble mailer or small box.



Colors of my items:

Concealer (light)

Boy brow (brown)

Lipstick (like)


You get to choose the appropriate shades for all three items, which is definitely a must!


First, I don’t love the concealer.  It does not go on well and is pretty obvious.  I got the light shade because it’s supposed to be buildable, but it’s just not working at all.  I’m considering returning it and seeing if they will send me the medium shade, but I’m not sure that will help.  A tiny bit under the eyes does work okay, but only the smallest amount.

Second, the lipstick.  I chose “Like”, which shows as a very light pink on their website.  It’s actual color is slightly darker, but I do like it.  It’s a very subtle shade but when you apply a few layers it looked really nice.  It have to reapply it every few hours but since I am not using much I think that’s to be expected?  Anyway, I like it.  It’s very appropriate for a business or professional setting.


Third, the boy brow.  What a terrible name!  This was purely for experimentation purposes.  If I do anything with my eyebrows I just use a pencil.  They are very light so any change is pretty drastic.  This is my first time using a liquid type brush.  It does fill it in pretty well.  It’s important to put it on very lightly the first few strokes because it can clump a little.  I’m struggling a little to apply it perfectly, but overall it seems fine.

The pencil is way easier to use, though.